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Glee - Somewhere Only We Know

On the upcoming episode this Tuesday it is reported that Kurt returns to Mckinley High School and New Directions.

One of the songs in this episode, sung by Darren Kriss, is Somewhere Only We Know by Keane, a personal favourite of mine!

The song is performed as the Warblers say goodbye to Kurt in the Mckinley outside lunch area.


Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth - USA Weekend


Jared Leto

Elisabeth Sladen

Carrying on from my earlier Doctor Who themed post, I would just like to take a moment to pay tribute to Elisabeth Sladen who was a companion of The Doctor back in the original series in the 70's, lasting for three and a half series, and who has tragically died of cancer, at the age of just 63.

She is most famous for playing the previously mentioned Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith in the 70's alongside John Pertwee, and later Tom Baker. In more recent years however she received her own spin off series on the Children's BBC channel called "The Sarah Jane Adventures", where she reprised her role as Sarah Jane Smith, teaming up with a group of children to fight off aliens from her home in Ealing, London.

The series has received great acclaim and has been watched by children and adults alike, of which I must confess I was an avid viewer. I must have seen each episode of the show at least five times, as I find them simply amazing to watch, with great replay value.

It's a terrible shame that a woman so talented and well loved by her fans had to be taken as such a relatively young age, and I will miss her for the joy that she brought to me from watching her show. 

The producers of Doctor Who most graciously dedicated the first episode of the new series to her memory.

Elisabeth Sladen:

1946 - 2011

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Camera Whore

Doctor Amazing!

I'm a total Sci-fi fan and have been eagerly awaiting the new Doctor Who series to start, well the wait is OVER!

The suspense in this episode is constant, you're always left wondering what the hell is going on, and what's going to happen throughout the series! Completely gripping!

If you haven't already watched it head over to IPlayer now to do so, or if you're not in Britain I'm sure the episode will be viral by tomorrow, if it isn't already right now of course.

"Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut" - Part 1.