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Love And Obsession For A Song

I'm totally in love with this song at the moment, you can really just feel it build up chorus by chorus. Beautiful.


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Cover Boy - Chad Murray

Isn't he just beautiful!

[Images from Troix Magazine]

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ain't All That

GLEE has crushed an amazing song.

I'm pretty sure I posted the original a few weeks ago, but I just watched GLEE and they sang Animals by Neon Trees.

It's just such a WEAK version, the original is so much more edgy, and the song just suits the voice a million times better.

What's your verdict?

Glee or Neon Trees?


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Cover Boy - Robert Pattinson

Really don't normally find this guy attractive, possibly because there is just too much hype over him, but here he actually looks decent and he looks pretty damn good in the feature inside too.


Male Perfection


Nero - Guilt

Nero are a British Dubstep duo that have recently flown into the public limelight after being nominated by BBC Radio 1 as a artist to watch in 2011. So far they have not disappointed with their two debut singles, Innocence and Me & You which are brilliant.

Here is another track that will be on their first ever album, as far as I'm concerned it's another beast of a track. (That is a good thing) 

Take a listen and fall in love!

Nero - Guilt


Chris Rockway


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Been extremely busy with coursework over the past week but will be finished for a while later today so will be back to regular posting! :)